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23 Oct Where Is Your Confidence?

Hello my Fab Five Gals! Let’s talk about “CONFIDENCE”. Confidence is the most important key when it comes to beauty. Remember when natural hair was considered just a “fad” right? Well, it tore a lot of women confidence to pieces. Many women stepped out of their comfort zone and started their journey by doing the Big Chop or transitioning into their natural state of hair. It takes much courage and confidence to cut all of your hair off as much as it is to make a decision to no longer put anymore relaxers on your hair. Now today, not only has the natural hair community made  a huge impact and moved that ”fad” statement out of the way, but it has jump-started a lot of confidence in women. Many women feel beautiful by being just who they really are. One is able to see many styles, techniques, and tutorials on how to ROCK one’s natural hair.  As for me, Confidence is everything to me. I love to wear my hair big and bold. I had to get to a place to where other people comments and suggestions did not move me. I started to love my hair all over again and to show how much, I began experimenting with my hair, creating unique updos and sharing pictures with women all over the world. One of my mottos are, “Be Bold, Be Confident & Be You”. When you are confident, it shows. It shows so well that it attracts other to want to learn more about what it is that you are doing. Don’t allow anyone to take away your confidence. God created us all in his image and HE made us strong and powerful. Today is your day to try something new whether it is cutting your hair, dyeing your hair, trying a unique hairstyle, wearing makeup, buying a different wardrobe, taking your first selfie, posting a picture, etc… Whatever it is, be confident and remain in your position. Dare to try something Different. Blessings.

  • Shaunic
    Posted at 14:49h, 27 October Reply

    Hey Donna! Love your new website girl! Great job!

  • Shaunic
    Posted at 14:50h, 27 October Reply

    What’s up Donna! Love to new website. Just signed up for your newsletter! I’m happy for you!

  • Shirley Jones
    Posted at 16:22h, 27 October Reply

    Hi there…. just wanted to congratulate you on your new website… truly I am a fan… Love seeing you on periscope and getting information on different and quick up-dos. Keep up the good work… Oh! and by the way I enjoy you on YouTube also. Best wishes…… Shiree1971

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